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Permanent Exhibition Permanent exhibition
  • 2018


  • 1400+


  • 2.9万

    Covered Area

Belling River Life Museum Introduction

The Wuhan Natural History Museum • Behring River & Life Museum is situated to the north of the Changjiang Civilization Museum. Its total floor area is 29,000 square meters, of which, 18,000 square meters is the exhibition area. At the entrance of the museum, there is an honorary wall for Mr. Behring and a guide service area. The Museum has three floors. Its ground floor comprises a preface hall, a Vicissitudes of Rivers hall, a Creatures of Great Rivers hall, and a storeroom. The second floor comprises a Meditation of Great Rivers hall, an Exploring Great Rivers area, a Behring Souvenir Shop, and a coffee shop. On the third floor, there is a temporary exhibition hall, a science space, and the staff office. The permanent exhibition “a journey to great rivers and a concerto of lives” takes great rivers as the background, lives as the theme, the specimens donated by Mr. Behring as the basis, makes the dialogues between the Changjiang River and the great rivers of the world as exhibition concept, focuses on important content of the great rivers, living things and human beings, makes full use of nearly 3000 pieces of paleontological, animal and plant specimens through modern means of exhibition, displaying geological background and the life history of rivers related to the great rivers, biodiversity, connection and difference of the world’s representative rivers, and the natural law of ecosystem succession change and life evolution, so as to raise people’s consciousness on the concern, love and protection of great rivers.



The Wuhan Natural History Museum • Behring River & Life Museum will always insist on the people-oriented principle. We will collect natural specimens including animals, plants, Paleolithic and Paleoanthropologic fossils, and minerals, carry out education, exhibition, and propaganda activities, and publicize and popularize science knowledge. We will shoulder responsibilities for protecting natural resources, ecosystem, and biodiversity, and strive to build the museum as one of the best natural history museums in China and even in the world.